50 Cent Under Fire for Mocking Plus-Size Girls

The ‘Power’ star and co-creator is accused of body-shaming black girls, who are seen lining up around the pool and shaking their bodies to the camera in bikinis in a clip.

AceShowbiz50 Cent has often shown his sarcastic sense of humor, but he may have gone too far this time. The rapper-turned-actor has been catching heat after he appeared to make fun of plus-size girls in a video.

On Friday, August 6, Fiddy posted on his Instagram page the clip which features a group of black ladies dressing in matching blue bikinis. They all lined up and walked around the pool while shaking their bodies to the camera.

Seemingly having a lot of fun, the girls were seen goofing around and flashing smiles as some of them were seen holding a bottle of what looks like liquor. Reacting to the video, 50 Cent captioned it, “WTF going on here ? i think they eat the men from there village LOL.”

While the “In da Club” spitter didn’t say anything about the women’s size or weight, some social media users found his comment offensive. They accused him of body-shaming the girls in the said footage, with one noting, “It the body shaming for me.”

Another reminded, “We ain’t body shaming in 2021 I know yall got some Mamas,Sisters&Aunties built Exactly like this too.” Agreeing, a third user wrote, “Body shaming isn’t funny y’all so used to surgery bodies its sad.”

Another chimed in, “This is mean-spirited and at this point, I’m over it. A lot of these same dudes LAUGHING are the same ones that try to link. Grow up. This s**t is really wack.” Calling it disrespectful, someone highlighted the significance of plus-size people, “Plus size men and women probably make up over half of your viewing audiences for power, for life etc. We attribute to the money you have in your pocket. So stop.”

Someone else similarly opined, “It’s NOT ok to make fun of anyone’s weight body shaming is not ok!!! They obviously look comfortable AF in their body having fun. Girl with the Henry said PERIODDTTTTT POOH.” Another clapped back at 50 Cent, “Probably what you would be dating if you weren’t famous.”

50 Cent has not offered a clarification to his caption.

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