90 Day The Single Life Season 2 Cast Revealed: Debbie Johnson is Ready to Mingle!!!

Later this year, 90 Day: The Single Life will return for Season 2.

With this announcement, Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester announced their split — because Syngin will be on this season.

The franchise is now revealing the first of the familiar faces that will be on this new season.

One cast member stands out above the rest: Debbie Johnson.

This week, Discovery Plus officially confirmed that The Single Life is returning — very soon.

Season 2 premieres on Friday, November 12.

The new season promises “cringe-worthy encounters, ghosting and, as is truly fitting for the franchise, traveling to other continents for a first date.”

The press release even teased that this season will make franchise history.

“For the first time in 90 Day history, two singles from different 90 Day relationships connect and spark an interest in each other,” the release added.

It doesn’t tell us who … only that both cast members have American exes.

Syngin has been spotted with a mystery woman in recent photographs.

So either he’s not part of this 90 Day matchmaking dream, or he was part of it and then struck out.

For now, let’s look at the stars who have been confirmed before we start guessing about who snogs whom.

Debbie Johnson was introduced as the mother of Colt Johnson.

Mother-in-law of Larissa Lima for seven months, now mother-in-law of Vanessa Guerra.

Last season, her son proposed to the woman he’d cheated with, asking (if not in so many words) if Vanessa would be the woman he cheats on for the rest of their lives.

Vanessa said yes, they married, and yes, Colt was caught sliding into women’s DMs not long after.

But unlike her son, Debbie has grown on fans over the years.

She’s not a monster-in-law. She is a human being with many good qualities … and clearly, a love of mischief.

Debbie is 69 years old, which we all know is a very nice age.

She is also a widow, and has not really entered the dating world for the past 13 years.

Debbie is about to dive headfirst into a world of dating apps and other surprises as she tries to find love again.

Syngin Colchester is 31 years old.

He first appeared on Season 7 alongside Tania Maduro.

The two were married and appeared on Happily Ever After? Season 5.

The thing about that particular spinoff is that the title ends in a question mark for a reason.

It’s a question, and sometimes the answer is “no.”

Syngin and Tania have agreed to a divorce.

Now these two outrageous thirst traps are single and at least one of them is ready to mingle.

This season will follow Syngin as he moves out.

Apparently, he took this further — moving across the country to get a fresh start on dating.

Syngin and Tania were only able to announce their divorce because Syngin’s casting was announced.

(For all that we know, Tania could also be in the cast, but that has not been confirmed)

In fact, of the seven cast members this season, we only know of three so far — the third being Stephanie Matto.

When Stephanie flew out to meet then-girlfriend Erika Owens in Australia, her intention was for it to lead to marriage.

Instead, they broke up, and Stephanie earned the title of 90 Day Fiance villain.

It was a colossal disappointment that the franchise’s first (and long overdue) same-sex couple had such a toxic relationship.

While Erika secured a place as a fan-favorite (even if some old people are afraid of bright colors), Stephanie was widely disliked.

But she is clearly hoping that this spinoff could follow her on a bit of a redemption arc.

There’s more to her story than dating, though it will be interesting to see how she gets along with men and woman who aren’t Erika.

Stephanie has continued to manage her aplastic anemia (during a pandemic, no less), though thankfully that is now in remission.

She also has been celibate for more than two years, something that she hopes to end.

But despite her options and having a dating pool that spans multiple genders, dating might not be as easy as she hopes.

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