A Model and Five Others Arrested After Illegally Changing Hollywood Sign Into ‘Hollyboob’

A blonde beauty named Julia Rose is among six pranksters who are arrested by LAPD for trespassing after altering the iconic landmark to raise breast cancer awareness.

AceShowbiz -One of Los Angeles landmarks has gotten an unofficial makeover. On Monday, February 1, the iconic Hollywood sign, which is situated on Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains, was altered by pranksters to read “Hollyboob”.

The culprits were caught on camera by passersby as they covered the letters “W” and “D” with “B.” Thanks to the near-instant splash on social media, LAPD quickly got noticed of the illegal activity and officers were dispatched to the scene in patrol cars and with a chopper.

Hollywood sign was altered to read ‘Hollyboob’.

Officers reportedly tracked the group, which consisted of six people, as they made their way down the hill to a location on Mulholland Drive and busted them. The group, which according to TMZ includes model Julia Rose, told law enforcement that the facelift was an effort to create more awareness for breast cancer.

A passerby caught the culprits in the act.

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A picture obtained by the site features Julia proudly flashing her middle fingers to the camera with the altered Hollywood sign in the background. She was in a full playful mode as she stuck her tongue out, before she was seen being hauled by an officer in handcuffs. The other culprits are not identified.

Six pranksters were arrested for the crime.

They were detained and will be charged with trespassing before being released. LAPD Capt. Steve Lurie, the Hollywood area commander, said, “There’s no vandalism, because the sign wasn’t damaged.” The misdemeanor charges carries a fine of around $75 to $250.

The Hollywood Sign Trust, which is in charge to maintain the site, is grateful for the fast response from the LAPD. “It’s unfortunate that such an important icon for the city of L.A. is not being appreciated,” said Mark Panatier, the group’s chairman, adding that trespassing to alter the sign is wrong no matter the purported cause.

Interestingly, Breast Cancer Awareness Month falls in October, so their attempt to support the cause is several months early. On the other hand, February is National Cancer Prevention Month, so the crime is a good reminder to get checked out regularly.

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