A 'RHOC' Fan Gave an Honest Review of Dr. Jen Armstrong's Cosmetic Procedures and Called It 'a Trip to the ER'

Reporter and Real Housewives superfan Evan Real made an appointment with The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s very own Dr. Jen Armstrong. As both a cosmetic surgeon and cast member on the hit Bravo reality show, she’s no stranger to lawsuits and publicity. Real documented his experience with Dr. Jen, calling it a “trip to the ER” and comparing it to a cosmetic emergency. In the end, he was pleased. Here’s how it all unfolded.

A real-life cosmetic procedure with ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ star Dr. Jen Armstrong

Evan Real is a Senior TV Reporter for Page Six. In February 2022, he set out to let Dr. Armstrong makeover his face. And he was more than enthusiastic about the adventure. Real was excited to see what the graduate of the University of Hawaii’s School of Medicine would prescribe. Real said it wasn’t hyperbole when he said it was the “greatest experience of my life.”

With stars in his eyes, Real recounts first visiting Dr. Jen’s Newport Beach practice. Initially, he assumed he’d receive jawline filler and walk away feeling handsome with a celebrity-infused “chiseled profile.”

But in true plastic surgery fashion, Dr. Jen had more in store for Real. He shared that she wasted no time in pointing out his other areas of improvement, including his deep pores, reminiscent acne scars, and puffy under-eye bags. She even recommended some neurotoxins, much like Botox, to help even out his eyebrows. 

Real said it sounded like a facial overhaul. But Dr. Jen put him at ease when she told him her “patients know who they’re coming to.” She went on to say he would leave her office “looking refreshed, never overdone,” which put his mind at ease. 

How did the procedures with Dr. Jen go?

Dr. Jen, as Real described, was warm and disarming. Considering her medical experience with trauma patients and an award-winning past study on cyanide poisoning, he felt confident she would deliver on her recommendations. She told him, “If you want [an overdone] look,” there’s probably another doctor who’d be willing to do it. However, she went on, “Those big balloon lips” are “not my thing.”

On the spot, Real realized his lips were off-kilter. He said it felt like an episode of Botched as the RHOC doctor focused on his uneven lip fillers from a previous procedure. She quickly addressed the issue, citing, “I can’t handle this lip!”

Dr. Jen dropped in some fast-acting dissolvers to return Real’s lips back to “sexy little pillows.” And that’s when Real said his experience with the Georgetown University graduate felt like a “trip to the ER.” He had a lip emergency, residual from another surgeon, and Dr. Jen came to his rescue quickly, as if his uneven lips were a life-threatening emergency.

The remainder of Real’s procedures went as planned, leaving him more than satisfied with his overall experience. While Dr. Jen had performed quasi-miracles for Real, she’s not had the same outcome with every patient. In fact, she’s no stranger to lawsuits and controversy.

Dr. Jen is no stranger to legal turmoil

Dr. Jen Armstrong is one of the newer cast members of Season 16‘s The Real Housewives of Orange County. Women’s Health shared details of one lawsuit: The patient claims a convicted, unlicensed doctor within Dr. Jen’s practice performed a procedure that proved to be faulty and required subsequent visits to remedy.

In another story, The Sun reported about a lawsuit for medical malpractice in which a patient claimed she was left with a “disfigured face and mental anguish” from a botched procedure.

It’s not just malpractice. Reality Blurb shares details of yet another lawsuit filed by the company, Forever Ageless, claiming breach of contract and lack of payment for a period spanning two years.

One fan may have had his cosmetic rescue with Dr. Jen. But it’s clear not everyone’s enjoyed the same experience. Fans will want to stay on top of the latest headlines and tune into The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo.

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