Amy Childs says first 12 weeks of pregnancy were ‘hard’ and she ‘never went out’

Her shock positive pregnancy test result was followed by the even bigger surprise that she’s pregnant with twins. And now mum-of-two Amy Childs has revealed she’s having a boy and a girl.

The TOWIE star – who has Polly, five, and Ritchie, four, from previous relationships – is due to give birth to her babies with boyfriend Billy Delbosq in April.

Amy, 32, told us: “I must admit, the first 12 weeks were really hard and how people didn’t know I was pregnant, I don’t really know. I wasn’t really myself, I never went out, I just wanted to be indoors. I was lying down a lot and I got really bad headaches. But, they do say when you get a lot of headaches, you’re having a boy…

“When I was doing a video for TikTok, I was talking about cravings. I’m really craving sweet stuff, which they often link to having a girl. I’m definitely getting a mix of feelings, which is probably why I’m having a girl and a boy!”

She added: “This pregnancy, I’ve got to be honest with you, I feel really tired. The twins are taking it out of me, and then you’ve got to remember that I have Polly and Ritchie as well.”

It comes after Amy discussed how tired she's been feeling in her weekly OK! column.

"I was saying to my midwife the other day how tired I am and, obviously because you’re carrying two babies, it’s double the fatigue. This time round, I don’t know if it’s because I have two kids anyway and I’m just trying to juggle everything that I feel more tired, or if it’s because the twins are taking it out of me," she said.

"The other day at 10am I literally dropped Polly off from school and got home and had a nap, and that’s not like me. But the midwife said that when you need sleep, you need sleep and you have to rest. I’m listening to my body.

"When I was pregnant with Polly and Ritchie I was always on the go, but with this pregnancy being high risk, I have to listen to my body."

She added: "I’ve been taking Floradix every day which helps with energy levels, and after starting them a couple of weeks ago I’ve noticed I’ve got a little bit more energy. It doesn’t taste the best, but I have noticed a difference.

"I also take Reverse Life collagen supplements which are for hair, skin, nails and joints and that ‘s good too – and it’s pregnancy safe. When I had Ritchie, I lost a bit of hair. It looked like I’d had extensions in! So I’ve been taking this to keep my hair strong."


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