Ana de Armas & Ben Afflecks Deep Water looks like really stupid, sexy fun?

We’re finally getting a glimpse at the film which brought us Afflarmas. In late 2019, Ben Affleck met Ana de Armas on Deep Water and they fell in love. They were quickly inseparable, and Ben was even working on his Spanish and making trips to Cuba to visit Ana’s family. When the pandemic came, Afflarmas gave us pandemic content in the form of endlessly awkward pap strolls and trips to Dunkin Donuts. By late 2020, Afflarmas was on the rocks, and by January 2021, they were totally done. Soon after, Ben began writing love letters to Jennifer Lopez,and so there was a happy ending for some of us.

Still, it’s nice to go back and look at this time capsule: the moment when Ben Affleck went all-in with Ana de Armas. Reports from the New Orleans set at the time involved a lot of “off the charts chemistry” and a lot of “intensity” between Ben and Ana as they got their scenes right. The story of the film? A married couple gets bored and decides to try to have an open marriage. Sexy shenanigans ensue and the dead bodies start dropping. Here’s the first trailer for Deep Water:

“This isn’t a game, Melinda” YAS. You want me to say it? I’ll say it! This looks incredibly stupid and also dumb-sexy? Like, I would watch this and enjoy it and not care that it’s a “bad movie.” Sometimes, when actors have hot chemistry, it elevates a bad script. And this script sounds BAD. And yet… they actually seem like they had a lot of fun with it? It just looks like a dumb sexy thriller. And obviously Ben Affleck’s stone-faced husband watches his wife bone everybody in the pool and then he kills all of her lovers and buries them in the backyard. This isn’t rocket science.

I absolutely wonder if Ben and Ana will do any promotion together for the film? Doubtful. I wonder if there will even be a premiere.

Streaming March 18 on @Hulu.

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) March 7, 2022

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram and Hulu screencaps.

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