And Just Like That… The LAPD Is 'Looking Into' Sexual Assault Allegations Against Chris Noth

Could Mr. Big be headed to the big house??

As the nature of and reporting on the sexual assault allegations against Chris Noth continues to develop, the Sex & The City alum has caught the eye of law enforcement. According to a new report published by People on Thursday night, the Los Angeles Police Department is now “looking into” the rape allegations.

As we have been reporting, the 67-year-old actor was the subject of two allegations of sexual assault published on Thursday morning by THR. In that shocking report, two anonymous women came forward to share their stories of Noth allegedly sexually assaulting them in Los Angeles in 2004, and in New York in 2015.

Now, the LAPD is investigating the allegation made by the woman who says Noth “raped from behind” at an apartment in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles nearly 20 years ago. A spokesperson for the police department explained the current nature of their investigation into the And Just Like That… alum, explaining:

“ looking into the nature of the report … and when, where or even if a report was filed.”

An LAPD officer named Drake Madison further confirmed to both Deadline and People that even though the LAPD is looking into gaining more information about whatever may have occurred in 2004, there is nothing tangible to have come from it yet:

“At this time, there’s no record of a report being filed. Without a report, there is no investigation.”

Noth has previously denied the allegations against him, calling both events “consensual” in a statement published by THR along with the initial report.

On Thursday, his lawyer Andrew Brettler spoke to People about the LAPD’s search, informing the outlet that no specific communication or directive has been sent Noth’s way at this point:

“No one from any law enforcement agency has contacted Chris or any of his representatives. Obviously if anyone does reach out, we will cooperate fully.”

FWIW, even though the reported Los Angeles incident allegedly occurred in 2004, RAINN confirms that the state of California’s statute of limitations “for its most serious felony sex crimes” is currently “21 years or more.” So it would appear that police may have enough time for a path forward should they find further evidence or indication to support these disturbing allegations.

Noth had already been in the news quite a bit recently for his character’s surprising fate in And Just Like That… A Peloton bike ad starring Noth and cheekily responding to Mr. Big’s plotline in the HBO Max reboot went viral earlier this week, only to be deleted after these allegations came to light. He is also currently a regular on CBS‘ reboot of The Equalizer, starring opposite Queen Latifah.

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