Andre Marhold’s Baby Mama Really ‘Hurt’ He Dumped Her for Jeffree Star

Emmanuella Chartol begs the basketball player to get back together with her as she says, ‘I was your ride and die, I could do anything to save our relationship.’

AceShowbiz -If there’s one person who has been affected the most by Jeffree Star‘s relationship with Andre Marhold, it is his baby mama Emmanuella Chartol. Shortly after the beauty guru went public with his romance, the French model took to her Instagram account to express how devastated she was over the news.

Emmanuella first shared on the social media app a video of the basketball player and their son happily playing in the water. Along with a broken heart emoji, she said, “My son matters. My son was so happy last week. Idc if it’s about money but this hurts me a lot and affects my son.” She continued, “God please help me to keep my head up for my son cause this s**t is unreal. Please help me God to be strong for my son.”

Not stopping there, Emmanuella later shared a photo of her and Andre together along with the caption that read, “Tell me what I’ve done to you? Tell me why to expose yourself but my son? Money? Cause I could work harder to make our life better. I was your ride and die, I could do anything to save our relationship. Anything.”

Jeffree first confirmed that he has gotten himself a new boyfriend when he posted on social media a rather steamy of the couple. Andre’s face was not seen at the time, but his identity was later revealed as the controversial YouTube star posted a photo of them hanging out by the pool.

Many people were opposing their relationship considering the past racism allegations against Jeffree, but the star has since hit back at those haters. Mocking the critics, he said on his Twitter account, “I know it’s devastating news for some people, but I don’t give money to anyone, I’m dating or anyone who is f***ing with me. Work on your own insecurities sis, I’m not the problem.”

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