Ashley Martson Claims Jay Smith Begs Her to Withdraw Divorce as He Faces Deportation

The ’90 Day Fiance’ star says her estranged husband has offered her money to withdraw the divorce as he is at risk of getting deported back to Jamaica in August.

AceShowbiz -When Ashley Martson is divorcing Jay Smith, he’s not only losing his status as her husband, but also losing his right to live permanently in the United States. The “90 Day Fiance” star revealed during a pair of Instagram Live sessions she conducted with “90 Day Fiance” Instagrammer John Yates this past weekend that her estranged husband is at risk of getting deported.

According to Ashley, she and Jay will have a court hearing on August 7 that will determine Jay’s future. “He will be deported on August 7 unless he runs, which is what I’m assuming he’s probably [planning],” she snarkily said. She added, as quoted by Reality TV World, “The thing that’s really frustrating is he’s here illegally now… I did file for his adjustment of status, and then two weeks later he screwed up again, so I withdrew it.”

The reality TV star additionally accuses Jay of working as a tattoo artist in the U.S. illegally and revealed that there’s an active warrant for his arrest. “[Immigration and Customs Enforcement] has already been here to arrest him. They know where he works… I mean obviously if they come to my house at this point, I’m gonna tell them where he’s at,” she confessed. “So I’m not sure why he’s still sticking around because we got a letter three weeks ago saying he has an active warrant for his arrest.”

Ashley went on dishing that Jay tried to make her withdraw the divorce in exchange for money to avoid getting deported. “And he even called me. He went to the attorney and he said like, ‘I’m f***ed.’ Like he even offered money — like, ‘Can I pay you to withdraw the divorce?’ ” so she claimed.

Ashley said Jay had moved out of their shared Pennsylvania home while Ashley was visiting Texas a couple of months ago, and she paid his rent for two months. “So I actually offered to pay two months of his rent to get him out of my house because he wouldn’t leave my house,” she said. “Yeah, that’s how he’s there in his own apartment… He has family in Miami. His parents are here illegally, they live in Colorado. Like he has places to go, so I’m not sure why he’s still here.”

Jay is apparently so desperate that he’s allegedly begged for Ashley back. “I have text messages from him from three days ago telling me that he has a sex addiction problem and he’ll go to counseling, [and that] he wants to go to couples counseling and he wants to work things out,” Ashley revealed.

She didn’t buy it though, explaining, “You know why? Not because he loves me and he wants to work things out. [It’s] because we get paid from TLC [for the season] in one lump sum when the last episode airs. So that’s a lot of money at one shot. He wants the money.” She added, “And he’s been begging me since the day I filed for divorce to withdraw it and re-apply for his green card.”

Ashley also said that she’s not going to share the money she’s got from filming “90 Day Fiance”, because Jay doesn’t get paid for the show as a foreign star. She went on claiming that she has spent “like 20 times the amount of the check that we’re about to get for the show” in the last three years.

Ashley filed for divorce from Jay for the second time in April, after withdrawing her initial divorce in January. She recently was hospitalized for a lupus flare-up and pyelonephritis, following announcement that she checked into a women’s wellness retreat.

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