Blueface Gets Arrest Order Issued on Him After Alleged Attack on Club Bouncer

The ‘Respect My Cryppin’ ‘ rapper, who brutally beat up the bouncer back in September, has been slapped with two felony charges, one for assault and another for robbery.

AceShowbizBlueface is now a wanted man. More than a month after he was caught attacking a club bouncer in Los Angeles following a denied entry, the “Outside” rapper reportedly got an arrest order issued on him.

TMZ claimed that an arrest order was issued for the emcee and two other men who brutally attacked the bouncer back in September. The group has been slapped with two felony charges, one for assault and another for robbery. The robbery charge reportedly stemmed from an accusation that one of the men took a necklace from the bouncer.

Blueface, born Johnathan Jamall Porter, beat up the bouncer along with his pals on September 12 after they were not allowed to enter the Skinny’s Lounge in the San Fernando Valley. In a video obtained by the outlet, Blueface’s team was seen pushing the security guard inside the club before striking him.

While the ordeal happened, one of the women in the group recorded it on her phone. Blueface, meanwhile, was seen kicking the bouncer several times. One of his crew members then tried to lift the man up by his feet while the attack continued.

The “Respect My Cryppin’ ” rapper later prevented his friends from attacking the club bouncer further. However, before he left the location, the 24-year-old musician set aside time to give a couple of taps at the man to make sure he was either conscious or still alive.

It’s reported that the bouncer turned Blueface and his team away because he did not bring his ID card. Blueface then asked if the man knew who he was. He even Googled himself and showed the doorman that he is famous.

In the wake of the incident, the club bouncer was rushed to the hospital. He was then given treatments for bruises and scratches that required stitches.

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