Britney Spears Claps Back Over Accusations Of 'Posting The Same Pics' On Instagram

Britney Spears is doing her best to speak directly to her fans!

As messages expressing concern of her wellbeing continue to flood the singer’s Instagram posts daily, the 38-year-old is clapping back after being accused of “posting the same pics,” which has led many to believe that she is not in control of her own social media profile.

She addressed the controversy on Tuesday, writing on the platform:

“……. and to the peeps who think I’m posting the same pics …… well you know us girls …… it’s the same top and same hair but if you look at the details it’s a completely different picture !!!!!”

Along with uploading a trio of the same image with different filters, she finished her caption with this:

“Psss first pic is the original ….. no retouches !!!!!!”

See for yourself!

However, fans don’t seem to be buying what Brit’s selling! Take a look at some top comments (below), many of which asserted that someone other than the songstress took over her IG page:

“‘You know us girls ‘……yeah, a man is definitely posting these.”

“”you know us girls’ literally sounds like something a dude in his 60s would say if he was trying to pretend to be a woman in her 30s just saying”

“Literally EXACT same flower placement. Same make up smudges… Same hair style with the EXACT same ‘flaws’ – There is NO way these are not from the same photo session awhile back. Look at the details… It’s obvious these are NOT new.”

“A man wrote that caption. No woman says ‘well, you know us girls….’ or gives their Instagram selfie a title like it’s a part of an art show. Ugh, let her go.”

“As an author, and a woman—I have an eye when it comes to how women use their wording and men use their wording when portraying women. And THAT is a male author pretending to be female!!!!”

“At this point the police need to go check on her to see if she’s ok!!!!!”

The momma of two typically wears peasant-style blouses and tops which highlight her midriff area, finishing off the look with a pair of teeny cargo shorts, and this outfit (above) is no exception!

While we can’t say for certain, it appears that the photos shared this week are from the same set which was previously posted in early August (see it HERE, HERE, HERE), though she also shared multiple other photos and videos dancing and posing in the same shirt around her house and in front of backdrops throughout the month.

What do U think, y’all?! Let us know your take (below) in the comments.

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