Britney Spears’ Music Inspires Girl to Dance After Brain Surgery!

Britney Spears is giving someone the gift of music!

The 37-year-old Glory pop icon’s music inspired Maegan Johnson, a young girl suffering from a neurological condition called hydrocephalus (or “water on the brain”), to move again after undergoing 10-hour brain surgery.

“We couldn’t get any emotions out of her. She couldn’t talk. She could communicate with a dry-erase board,” her mother explained. Nothing worked to lift her mood, including medicine and visitors, until one day when her mother played her “Toxic.”

She “just had a glow about her,” smiled, raised her right hand and started moving her hips to try and dance.

“I was overwhelmed. I just burst out crying. I couldn’t believe that she was finally showing some emotions,” her mom said. She also reached out to Britney‘s team to thank her and received a signed photo in return.

“I wanted her to know, a mom to a mom, the impact she had on a little girl coming back — just bringing life back to her.”

“Her music helped me to get better. I love Britney,” Maegan said. Watch her story inside…

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