Britney Spears posts topless photos on Instagram as conservatorship battle rages on

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Fox News hosts Griff Jenkins and Jacqui Heinrich on the latest updates regarding Britney Spears’ conservatorship case

Britney Spears posted topless photos on Instagram amid a tense family feud over control of her finances.

Spears, 39, posted a topless photo on Instagram Saturday, showing her covering her chest in one using three star emojis in the caption. That came just hours after she posted a similar topless photo on Friday with her hands covering her chest. 

Several celebrities have posted in the comment section including hotel heiress Paris Hilton who replied with her well-known catchphrase of “that’s hot.”

The singer is currently involved in a bitter and highly publicized dispute with her estranged family members over a conservatorship controlled by her father that she is attempting to dissolve.

Her father, Jamie, has controlled her finances since she was committed for psychological issues in 2009. 

It has been reported that Jamie Spears has collected at least $5 million from the conservatorship since 2008.

Spears was recently granted permission by the conservatorship to drive and she was recently spotted in Los Angeles smiling while driving a Mercedes.

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