Caitlyn Jenner's 'Big Brother' Stint Not Stopping Her CA Governor Run

Caitlyn Jenner is between a rock and a hard place, but she’s trying to make the most of it — appearing on Australia’s ‘Big Brother’ while still trying to become Governor of California.

Sources close to Caitlyn tell TMZ … her trip Down Under to participate in “Big Brother VIP” will in no way stop her current campaign. Critics are ripping her decision to shoot the series, claiming it shows she’s not focused.

We’re told she made the commitment to do ‘BB’ before deciding to run for governor … so she’s simply honoring her contract.

Meanwhile, some Aussie’s are also not happy with Caitlyn flying to Sydney to take part in the reality show … while the country’s current COVID flight restrictions limit locals from traveling.

Many have expressed their outrage, feeling Caitlyn got special treatment to fly to the country while Aussies desperate to fly to visit loved ones aren’t able to do so.

Jenner has reportedly begun her mandatory 14-day quarantine before filming begins for “Big Brother VIP.” We’ve reached out to see how long she anticipates filming, and when she plans to return to the U.S. … no word back yet.

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