Chance The Rapper Dragged Over His Voting Suggestion

Getting political ahead of November election, the ‘Same Drugs’ rapper takes to his Twitter account to urge his fans and followers to vote for whoever their mom is voting for.

AceShowbiz -Ahead of the presidential election in 2020, numerous celebrities make use of their platform to get political and urge their followers to vote. Among them was Chance The Rapper, who encourage his fans and followers to make their voices heard in the next election. However, something about his message didn’t sit well with some people.

Writing on his Twitter account on Tuesday, September 22, the “Cocoa Butter Kisses” rapper said, “Ask your mom who to vote for. Vote for who she say.” In a separate post, he later tweeted, “And ion care what somebody quoted over my s**it. Ya mama been thru alot. Ask them and trust them.”

“Yall worried bout everybody else mama, I said yo mama,” he continued.

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The posts earned mixed reactions from Twitter users as one disagreed and said, “Nobody should be asking any boomers for advice on how to vote.” Another fan chimed in, “Think for yourself, and use your own brain to decide who to vote for.”

“Don’t do this, look at the nominees policies and make the decision for yourself,” someone opined. “If you decide to vote for trump stay home on November 3rd and boycott the election!”

Some others didn’t even mince their words in criticizing the rapper. “This is stupid. Don’t say stupid things, Chance. Especially so close to one of the most important elections. YOU may be safe as a rich black person in your big home, but us peasant blacks are struggling. Vote to make this country better. NOT BECAUSE YOUR MOTHER TOLD YOU TO,” one fan slammed him.

Chance didn’t ignore the backlash, though he stood by his opinion. In response to a fan who said, “lol this is dumb,” Chance wrote back, “your mom is prolly smart.” The fan replied, “she is. But everyone’s mom is not.” Hitting back at the fan, Chance responded, “I said yours tho.”

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