Charlie Brooker & Annabel Jones Celebrate ‘Black Mirror’ Noms And Talk Future Of “Bandersnatch”: A Virtual Reality Port?

“It’s not bad, you know, can’t complain, mustn’t grumble,” deadpanned Charlie Brooker at the news of Black Mirror “Bandersnatch” picking up a pair of nominations this morning for Outstanding Television Movie and Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media with a Scripted Program.

“I’m going to go further than that and say delighted, absolutely thrilled,” added EP Annabel Jones, more enthusiastically.

“I’m just being very British, you know,” replied Brooker, who wanted the record to show that despite adding these nominations to a total of four Emmy wins for Black Mirror in years past, he was still washing the dishes this evening.

The pair of nominations were important, says Jones. Not only did “Bandersnatch” earn recognition for its pioneering use of interactive features baked into Netflix’s platform (and developed and expanded for this show), but it was recognized for its broader storytelling in the Television Movie category. “It shows that we managed to hold the path to have that emotional engagement, so that people cared about the characters and the story we were telling,” Jones said.

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Brooker nodded to another Netflix interactive show, Bear Grylls’ You Vs. Wild, picking up a nomination, and suggested the future was bright for interactive media. “Going forward I hope you’ll find that interactive becomes another genre, or approach, or style [of storytelling] along the lines of a musical,” he noted.

But what of other new technologies? Would the Black Mirror team be interested in exploring virtual reality, for example? “I actually had an idea for a VR port of ‘Bandersnatch’, which you could do very easily,” Brooker hinted. “Somewhere down the line, when these things are remastered, you could see things being remastered into VR.”

Predicting the future of technology is a fool’s errand anyway, he thinks. He couldn’t have foreseen the possibility of creating “Bandersnatch” 15 or 20 years ago. “I wouldn’t have predicted the seamlessness of the way it worked, for example. Lord knows what formats we’ll be using in the future. Shows will probably come in the form of a pill. Or maybe a crossbow bolt.” It sounded like he was writing a Black Mirror episode. “But not a very good one, by the sounds of it,” Brooker joked.

Brooker and Jones wouldn’t comment on recent reports that a first-look deal was brewing with Netflix. But, Jones said, “We have a great relationship with them and we love collaborating with them.”

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