Chris Johnson Says He's The Fastest NFL Player Ever, 'No Question'

It’s not Deion Sanders, Tyreek Hill or Bo Jackson … no, the fastest NFL player ever is Chris Johnson — so says CJ2K himself.

The legendary Tennessee Titans running back made the claim to TMZ Sports … saying if he lined up for a race against every fast NFL legend ever — and everyone was still in their prime — he would’ve dusted them all.

“No question,” Johnson says.

The statement is a bold one — after all, Sanders alone is rumored to have once run a 4.1 40-yard dash — but Chris says he believes in his speed THAT much.

“You look at my tape, I’ve never been caught,” Johnson says. “I made people pull hamstrings!”

Johnson’s obviously not lying … the guy ran a 4.24 40-yard dash at the 2008 NFL Combine — and his speed was consistently on display throughout his 10-year NFL career.

As for if CJ2K could still get it done on the track … he told us that just ain’t happenin’ now — admitting Hill would beat him in a sprint today.

But, hey, we’d still definitely watch that if they lined it up!

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