Chris Pratt's Mother-in-Law Is Defending Him Amid the Backlash to His "Healthy Daughter" Instagram Post

So, earlier this week, Chris Pratt hopped on Instagram to shared a just-because tribute to his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger. The post was clearly intended to be sweet, but lots of people had a very different read on it. Many found the gushing caption, at best, cringy and weird, and at worst, outright callous and cruel to his ex-wife Anna Faris and their nine-year-old son, Jack.

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The potentially-cruel bit came when Chris was listing off some of the amazing things he’s gotten from his relationship with Katherine, including “an amazing life” and their “gorgeous healthy daughter,” Lyla. Some took issue with the post because they felt it seemed like he was “forgetting” his and Anna’s son, but others were very specifically offended by the “healthy daughter” line, since Anna has been open about Jack’s health issues.

Twitter lit up with the torches of the Anna Mob. The actress actually started trending thanks to the outpouring of tweets defending her and/or dragging Chris in response to the post. Over the weekend, Chris’s mother-in-law, Maria Shriver, jumped into the fray, defending him a comment on OG post.

“I want to remind you today what a good man you are. What a great father you are to Jack and Lyla, what a great husband you are to Katherine [and] what a great son in law you are to me and what a great sense of humor you have!!” she wrote, according to Us Weekly, adding, “I love you Chris, keep being your wonderful self, rise above the noise. Your kids love [you,] your family loves you [and] your wife loves you. What a beautiful life, I’m proud of you xo.”

We’re confident Chris will see Maria’s comment because he definitely seems to have reading the comments and the @s his critics have been putting out into the universe. On Friday (the day after the original post went up), the actor posted an IG Story video that seemed to be in response to the backlash (without *directly* mentioning the backlash, Instagram post, Anna/Jack/anything relevant to the whole ordeal).

“I went to bed last night really kind of upset and depressed and I woke up feeling crappy and I didn’t want to work out,” he said in the video (per Page Six), of his mental health and emotional state following the avalanche of tweets and comments from critics of the post.

Plot twist though—Chris did work out, after all (because of course he did—he’s currently getting back into Star-Lord mode for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3).

“I knew that if I put on my Christian music playlist and I got out of the woods and ran that I’d feel better but I just didn’t want to and I did it anyways and gosh was I right,” he said in the video. “It felt amazing. I got out of the woods, got my blood pumping.”

No word yet on how Anna Faris spent the day after the now infamous IG post, but we hope it was in a bathtub full of champagne while re-reading all the pro-Anna tweets and basking in the rare glow of basically unanimous love and support from strangers on the internet.

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