Danielle Brooks married Dennis Gelin in Miami, wore Christian Siriano & Alonuko


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Orange is The New Black’s Danielle Brooks married Dennis Gelin in a winter wedding in Miami this week that looked like a fairy tale. Vogue has incredible photos of the ceremony and reception along with the story of their romance. Danielle and Dennis first met at a small party at Danielle’s house, with Dennis showing up late and making an impression by offering to take out the trash at the end of the night! He accidentally butt dialed her at one in the morning, she answered and the rest is history. They have a two year old daughter, Freeya, who was their adorable flower girl. Their story gave me the feels the photos are beautiful. Danielle wore two custom gowns, her ceremony gown was created by Black designer Alonuko to her specifications. It features a mesh embroidered bodice and a full skirt and is stunning. The gown for the photos and reception was created by Christian Siriano and is convertible to three different looks. Guests were required to take both rapid and PCR tests on the day of the wedding. Here’s more, from Vogue:

As everyone was starting to leave for the night, Dennis really made an impression when he asked if he could take out Danielle’s trash. “I was so taken aback because there had been at least 10 guys in the room, and no one had thought enough to ask such a thoughtful question,” Danielle says. “I perked up and said ‘Why yes, thank you.’ And then we proceeded to talk. He kept complimenting me on my dimples and how beautiful I was. I was drawn in by his smile and beautiful rich skin. I remember asking him, ‘Do you have kids, are you married, do you have a job?’ ”

He answered all of her questions. “It was like music to my ears,” she says. “A brother with a clean slate, has his own, and is thoughtful. Jackpot. I quickly slid him my phone to exchange numbers. As he was getting ready to take out the trash, he asked me where the trash room was. It was the easiest room to find, but I just had to spend more time with him, so I decided to show him the way.”

When Dennis left, he told Danielle he was headed to the Poconos to do renovations on his family’s guest home in the morning. “I made sure to tell him to be safe as he was driving there that night,” Danielle remembers. “And then, while getting ready for bed, I heard my phone ring. I was confused on why anyone would be calling me around 1 a.m.”

“On my drive, all I could think about was Danielle’s Southern voice and brilliant smile,” Dennis admits. “I eagerly looked forward to our next encounter. During my journey, an act of divine intervention took place as I accidentally butt-dialed her. I was at the time and still am to this day, so glad that it happened because we talked for hours and an instant bond between us formed. The rest of my journey was like floating on cloud nine…”

Overall, the planning process went smoothly until about a month out. “Everything was going pretty well until Omicron hit the country,” Danielle says. “It was a bit too late in the process to turn back, so we added extra precautions with required PCR tests and rapid tests the day of the wedding. I have to say our wedding planner, D’Concierge, was out of this world amazing. He never panicked and kept us levelheaded during the ups and downs.”

Even though there were changes in regards to the weekend’s logistics, the bride’s creative vision for her wardrobe was unwavering. “I always knew I was going to have two dresses,” she says. “We thought it would be best to do a first look reveal so that we could go ahead with bridal party pictures and not hold up our guests after the ceremony. I decided to wear Christian Siriano for the reveal. We have been friends ever since my career first began.” The designer ended up creating a three-in-one dress for his longtime friend that went from princess gown, to body-con dress, to a pants look that would finish off the night on the dance floor.

“It was also important to me to highlight a Black designer,” Danielle says. “I feel like when it comes to the wedding process, Black creatives aren’t highlighted enough. Alonuko gave me the dress of my dreams. She flew all the way from London to make sure it arrived. I knew I wanted her one-of-a-kind, flesh-toned mesh with custom embroidery and a big huge skirt. Wearing her dress made me want to get married every day, I loved it so much.” Danielle’s stylist, Kelly Augustine, gifted her with a pair of Chanel earrings the morning of the wedding that paired perfectly with her dresses, and her shoes were by Nina. Dennis and his groomsmen all wore custom suits by Garcon Couture.

[From Vogue]

You can see the love and joy in these photos and the story of how they met is so cute! Danielle was absolutely beautiful and should be on the cover of Vogue. This has been one of my favorite wedding stories to cover, and I’m jealous that everyone was able to get tested and to safely gather for the reception. It looks like a blast.

Danielle is currently starring in Peacemaker on HBO Max with John Cena, the first three episode of which are available now. Congratulations to Danielle and Dennis!


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Look at their Halloween outfits!


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