Denise Welch reignites Piers Morgan feud over Ofcom ruling ‘Blatant disregard’

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Loose Women’s Denise Welch, 63, did not hold back as she hit out at former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, 56, today. The Coronation Street actress took to her Twitter platform to issue her criticism after Ofcom’s ruling regarding comments he made about Meghan Markle, 40.

She based her inflammatory remarks around an excerpt of a comment piece by i columnist Ian Burrell.

Burrell wrote: “But while Morgan defined the finding as a ‘defeat for Princess Pinocchio’, Ofcom was anything but admiring of his conduct.

“Mr Morgan’s comments were potentially harmful and offensive to viewers,” the regulator said.

“’It was ‘particularly concerned’ by his ‘apparent disregard for the seriousness of anyone expressing suicidal thoughts’.”

Denise attached a screenshot of the extract, and in view of her more than 481,000 Twitter followers, she asked her followers to “remember” Ofcom’s remarks.

She wrote: “As Piers Morgan gloats about being ‘vindicated’ let’s remember @Ofcom also said this.

“Reminding us that his blatant disregard for mental illness like depression & anxiety is truly alive and kicking.”

It comes months after Piers’ rant on Good Morning Britain where he claimed to not have believed Meghan Markle’s claims during her tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

But Ofcom recently made the decision to clear GMB of sanctions over Piers’ comments, claiming it was freedom of speech.

Morgan described the ruling as “a resounding victory for free speech and a resounding defeat for Princess Pinocchio”.

However, since the incident, he faced backlash over his criticism of tennis world champion Naomi Osaka, something Denise was again outspoken about.

Writing in his Daily Mail column, Piers labelled 23-year-old Osaka a “spoiled, arrogant brat”, after she made the decision to not speak to the press at the French Open 2021 due to struggling with her mental health.

The Hollyoaks star took to Twitter to defend the “brilliant young woman”.

She tweeted: “Piers Morgan publicly berating a brilliant young woman for prioritising her mental health AGAIN!

“Naomi Osaka has bravely withdrawn from the French Open after admitting to crippling depression since 2018 and that fear of talking to the press until the end of the competition can bring on her anxiety.”

She went on: “Anyone who has suffered depression and anxiety knows that life becomes unbearable and you will do anything to stop the pain.

“Piers also proves why so many people suffer in silence because of fear of being called ‘an arrogant narcissistic spoiled brat.'”

Welch added: “This man is an f*****g disgrace.”

In response to the tirade, Piers wrote: “Tut tut. This isn’t very #BeKind is it… Nor is it good for my mental health to be abused like this.”

He added: “I hope Denise reflects on her foul-mouthed tirade and works harder on her anger management. I wish her well.”

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