Dierks Bentley Returns With New Single ‘Gone’

Dierks Bentley released a new single “Gone” on Friday, returning after an extended vacation with his family.

“I feel like I’ve been gone. I feel like we’ve all been gone. I feel like country music in 2020 is just… gone,” Bentley explained during a virtual media event ahead of the song’s release.

“So when it came time to cut some stuff, this song just rose to the top. I gravitate towards it because I love the idea, love the title, love the classic country wordplay,” he added. “The idea that ‘Ever since you left, I’ve been gone,’ but he actually hasn’t gone anywhere.”

Bentley says the feel-good song touches on the current situation just a little bit as no one really wants to hear directly about what’s happening now.

David Garcia produced “Gone,” which Nicolle Galyon, Niko Moon and Ben Johnson co-wrote.

“Because I didn’t write [the song], I can brag on it. It’s just really well-written. It’s catchy. It’s fun. It’s metaphorical about what’s happening right now,” Bentley said.

“It feels a little bit like some stuff we’ve had out in the past, but it’s new territory in other ways. And I don’t know, I just enjoyed it, I enjoyed singing it, I enjoyed playing it, and I wanna put it out there,” he added. “I thought my fans would enjoy it, too.”

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