Dior gave us a better look at Princess Imans high-neck bespoke wedding gown


On March 12, Jordan’s Princess Iman married Jameel Alexander Thermiotis. Princess Iman is 26 years old and she looks so much like her mother, Queen Rania. Iman’s brother, Crown Prince Hussein, walked her down the aisle and King Abdullah and Rania both seemed very emotional to see their little girl on her wedding day.

We’re getting more photos of Iman’s Dior wedding gown now, which I love. Princess Iman was never going to wear some strapless mermaid whatever – while Jordan is a more progressive society, the royal family is still pretty conservative in general. Iman’s gown was a bespoke piece designed by Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chirui. It has long sleeves and a high neckline. The pattern on the sleeves and chest mimicked the pattern on her veil and her tiara.

Overall, I really like this, but I have two (albeit minor) complaints: I feel like the sleeves could have used an extra inch or two – like, they feel slightly too short, right? And I also think that a simple high-neck to cover her collarbone would have been better than a mock turtleneck. But overall, I really like this.



Instagrams courtesy of Dior.

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