Dolly Parton Wanted Miley Cyrus Cast As Jolene In ‘Heartstrings’

Dolly Parton said she wanted Miley Cyrus to play the role of Jolene in her new Netflix anthology series, “Heartstrings,” which actually went to Julianne Hough.

“Years back when I used to think of Jolene, you know, before Julianne came on, I used to think… I’d love — Miley would have been great at that as well. But Miley was doing other things. It wasn’t that kind of a thing, but she would have been great in that as well,” the country music singer said in interview with ET.

Parton said she tried “a lot of people” for the role but opted for Hough, because “we wanted it to be someone that kind of was described in the song, with auburn hair, ivory skin, the emerald green eyes, which she had all of that.”

“She’s such a great little actress. She’s just got such a great spirit and she’s a great singer,” Parton told Keltie Knight about the former “Dancing With the Stars” judge.

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