Donald Trump Blasted Over Bigoted Call-Out Of ‘Rat And Rodent Infested’ West Baltimore

Donald Trump is making headlines for all the wrong reasons yet again — and this time, it’s an all-day Twitter trend set off by his own bigoted tweets and public messages, with no one to blame for it but himself!

The President set off this firestorm of criticism and viral infamy on Saturday morning when he tweeted a thread of messages about Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland. In the three-tweet thread, the Prez called out the longtime civil rights luminary, and compared his Congressional district (more or less across the west side of Baltimore, Maryland) very unfavorably to conditions for migrants and asylum-seekers on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Here’s what Trump had to say about West Baltimore, as it related to Cummings’ comments about the border and Trump’s thoughts about the district, in a series of very controversial missives sent early Saturday morning (below):


A President calling out an American city so brutally and so forcefully is absolutely not a good look, and yet Trump did it anyways, while openly appearing to criticize the city’s residents for the supposed mess there.

As you might expect, the rebuke on Twitter was both swift and severe, with thousands upon thousands of people tweeting messages about West Baltimore, Trump’s obvious bigotry, and so much more. But while many of the call-outs and rebukes were powerful in their own right throughout Saturday, few were as impactful as CNN anchor Victor Blackwell‘s commentary on what Trump said, and why it matters.

Blackwell — a native of the exact West Baltimore district which Trump called out — didn’t mince words for an impressive and highly personal two-minute monologue delivered live on air late Saturday. The video itself, which you can see in full (below), quickly trended across social media, too:

Wow… Talk about a powerful, eloquent, and highly intelligent response — almost doesn’t fit considering the man Blackwell is responding to is such a complete moron. That Blackwell could keep his composure and deliver such a stirring, inspiring few minutes is impressive and much-needed right now, to say the least. With videos like his going viral, it’s critical for Americans to see that there are far better people out there than our current President…

Hours later, Michelle Obama even weighed in on the matter with her own take from Baltimore (below):

LOVE it!!!

What do y’all think about Trump’s comments, Perezcious readers? Inappropriate, to say the least??? Sound OFF on everything politically-related in the comment section (below)…

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