Duchess Kate told a little girl that she hides in a tent when she’s feeling shy

Sorry we didn’t have many photos of the Duchess of Cambridge’s garden event yesterday – it was a weird situation where it felt like very few regular royal-photographers were even invited to the event, so it just took forever for us to get photos. But here they are – Kate interacted with children at the opening of her “Back to Nature” garden at the Hampton Court Flower Show, after the same garden design was such a hit at the Chelsea Garden Show. Kate invited children from several of her patronages to come and play in the little kid-friendly garden, and whoever selected the children did a good job of it – a photogenic and racially diverse cross-section. Apparently, one little girl was super-nervous and very shy about interacted with Kate and all the other kids, especially with photographers documenting everything. So Kate helped her out:

Kate, 37, spotted that Khareesha James, eight, was feeling shy as they visited her RHS Back to Nature Garden and took the schoolgirl into one a fabric-covered den for a private chat and told her that she likes to hide in them when she is feeling shy.

Speaking afterwards Khareesha said: “I am shy and she said that’s where she goes when she’s shy – in the tent.” Her mum Sophia Dowd told HELLO!: “Khareesha is very shy – she doesn’t talk too much to people – and she (Kate) took her over to speak to her. She was really nice with her.” Asked if the moment had helped her to feel better, Khareesha nodded yes. Khareesha later showed her appreciation for the royal pep talk by presenting Kate with a potted succulent she had decorated with stickers during an activity session at the garden.

Kate also met Millie Allingham, eight, and her mum Nicky, who recently donated a kidney to her daughter at the hospital. Millie said: “I asked her what they (George and Charlotte) like in the garden and she said the waterfall. She (Kate) liked the waterfall and I liked it too. It was shimmering in the glowing light.”

The Duchess also chatted to three-year-old Millie Cotter, who has been attending clinics at Evelina Children’s Hospital since she was born prematurely at 26 weeks. Mum Ros said: “She had a lovely time in the garden and we had plenty of time to explore. She (Kate) really took time for us.” Dad Ewan, of Ealing, west London, added: “She was very nice, I got the feeling that she is really passionate about the garden and what it is about. She was talking about how important it is for children to get out and about and do things outside.”

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“I am shy and she said that’s where she goes when she’s shy – in the tent.” I find it both funny and warmly touching – obviously, the image of Kate hiding out in a tent every time she’s feeling less-than-keen is a funny one, but also just as obvious, Kate said something relatable to the little girl to make her feel better. Lots of people get nervous or shy sometimes, and it’s nice to just take a moment and catch your breath, maybe in a tent, maybe in the ladies’ room, whatever you need to do. Where’s Kate? She’s hanging out in her tent, not talking to anyone.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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