Duchess Meghan sent $25 Starbucks gift cards to PL + US employees

The New York Times’ columnist and editor-at-large Andrew Ross Sorkin is hosting the Times’ annual DealBook summit next week, November 9th and 10th. The NYT just sent out a registration portal to the online summit, and they announced the guest speakers. The Duchess of Sussex is one of the speakers! She will join people like Tim Cook, Anthony Blinken (our Secretary of State), Dax Shepard and Melody Hobson to “take stock of a world in the midst of rapid reinvention, grappling with the ripples of Covid and rewriting the rules in real time.” Does this mean that Meghan will be in New York for the conference? Harry is supposed to be in New York on November 10th for the Intrepid Valor Awards. Maybe Meg & Haz will make another cross-country jaunt for work? PLEASE!! I would love that. And then Meghan can be his date at the veterans’ event.

Meanwhile, Meghan sent $25 Starbucks gift cards to employees of PL+US, the nonprofit group fighting for paid family leave in the US. The communications director of PL+US, Neil Sroka, posted a screenshot of the gift certificate and thanked Meghan for it. Salty people are making fun of her for some reason… like, how dare someone who lives in a $14 million mansion send gift certificates as encouragement and thanks to non-profit employees? I don’t get it – it was just a nice thing to do for people who are working on an issue she obviously cares about.

— Neil Sroka (@nsroka) October 30, 2021

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid and WENN.

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