Elisha Williams Cast in ‘Wonder Years’ Reboot – See His Reaction to the News!

Elisha Williams just got some incredible news!

Elisha has joined the cast of the Wonder Years reboot at ABC, per Variety.

The young actor found out he had won the role from the Wonder Year’s original lead Fred Savage over Zoom.

“We got you on this Zoom because we wanted to welcome you to the family and tell you that it’s your turn to be the star of The Wonder Years,” Fred tells a smiling Elisha. “It’s your part, man. Welcome.”

Elisha will play Dean, an inquisitive and hopeful 12-year-old growing up in 1968 in Montgomery, Alabama. The show follows Dean as he tries to figure out his role in his Black family and the world at large.

It was announced that the show was being rebooted back in July. ABC ordered a pilot of the series in January.

The show is being helmed by Lee Daniels, who known for creating the TV series Empire and directing the movie The Butler.

Check out the full clip below!

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