Erin McNaught: Zoo cover led to calls to be stripped of Miss Universe

Miss Universe Australia Erin McNaught blasts puritans who called for her to be stripped of her title after posing topless for a lads’ mag

Former Miss Universe Australia Erin McNaught was riding high back in 2006, making a name for herself on the pageant circuit. 

And that almost got derailed when topless images of her were published in lad’s mag Zoo Weekly – with some calling for her title to be removed. 

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Erin addressed the scandal 15 years after the image were first published.    

Having her say: On Sunday, Erin McNaught broke her silence on the topless photos that almost destroyed her career in 2006. Pictured on June 13, 2006

‘I personally never felt negative emotions in regards to those images,’ Erin said. 

‘I had chosen to celebrate my body with the public and that is the key word. It’s a woman’s right to choose, and I chose to share it.’

Erin confessed while it did create some upset, it didn’t affect her personally.  

Risqué: Some called for her title to be removed when she appeared in lads’ mag Zoo Weekly

Positive: ‘I had chosen to celebrate my body with the public and that is the key word. It’s a woman’s right to choose, and I chose to share it,’ Erin said. Pictured on February 9, 2007

‘Individual reactions by the public never upset me personally, but every woman is different and deserves the right to be treated with dignity and respect.’ 

The infamous shoot saw her get the nickname ‘McNaughty’, which appeared to even bolster her notoriety with the public. 

Erin, who was previously based in London, has gone on to have a successful modelling and TV career. 

Rise to fame: Erin represented Australia in the Miss Universe pageant in 2006. The topless photos had commentators saying she should give the crown back

Erin competed on SAS Australia last year and gained a significant amount of injuries on the survivalist show.   

Speaking to Who magazine, she said: ‘I passed out underwater, I got black eyes, tore muscles in my left shoulder and I lost something like 7kg.’

‘I felt like I almost died on day one! The physical side was tough but the mental side was hard, too,’ she added. 

Brutal: Erin shared photos of her badly bruised body from SAS Australia

Erin injured herself falling from the helicopter on Day One. She described the injuries from the stunt.    

‘I landed face first horizontally. I blacked out underwater, lost sight in my left eye for a while and had two black eyes for five days,’ she said.

Erin is married to rapper Example. The pair share two young boys: Evander and Ennio.   

Happy family: Erin shares two young sons, Evander, four, and Ennio, three, with UK singer Example, real name Elliot Gleave (left)

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