Fabio recalls bloody goose smash during a roller coaster ride: ‘I did my job’

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It was 1999 when Fabio was injured while riding a roller coaster as a goose flew into his face.

And 22 years later, the Italian model is speaking out about the bloody mishap.

“It was a miracle,” the 62-year-old recently said on the PEOPLE in the ‘90s podcast. “That was a miracle.”

According to the outlet, Fabio was at an event in Williamsburg, Va, in Busch Gardens to celebrate the inauguration of a new ride, Apollo’s Chariot, which was being filmed.

“So the rollercoaster goes down at 80 miles an hour, 80, 85 miles an hour, over a pond and back up, and then upside down,” he explained to the outlet. “So when it came down and went over the pond at like 80, 85 miles an hour. So what happened is, over the pond there was a bunch of geese there. I’m talking about hundreds. And one got sucked in. I saw this very up close. The geese hit the video camera. What happened, the goose hit the video camera. The video camera shattered. At 85 miles per hour.”

Fabio Lanzoni is reflecting on his past.
(Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for IMDb)

“I was with reflex fast enough to turn my head,” he continued. “And I saw totally the metal passing by and cut the bridge of my nose. Then got I turned, and it really was a miracle. But because then it was all the rest of the ride, after I was cut upside down, of course the blood rushes to your head. So when I came off, my face was bloody.”

Fabio was rushed to the hospital. And while many feared the star’s nose was broken, he said the injury looked more horrific than what it was.

“They thought, ‘Oh my God, it was like a broken nose and this and that,’” said Fabio. “They thought, because all the blood. My nose wasn’t broken. You know how big was the cut? One stitch.”

But according to Fabio, that didn’t stop attorneys from circling like vultures. The star insisted he wasn’t interested in ruffling feathers.

“Now, let me tell you, during that time, every single law firm in America, three or four of the big law firms, they come up to me and say, ‘Fabio, that’s going to be the first easy four or $5 million in your life,’” said Fabio. “I said, No, no.’ I said, ‘No, it’s principle. I did my job. I’m not going to sue them. I took the job. I signed that contract.'”

Italian male model Fabio, circa 2000. 
(Photo by Maureen Donaldson/Getty Images)

However, the outlet noted that there’s one mystery that still remains.

“And I tell you, you know the camera,” said Fabio. “My manager at that time, he said, ‘Oh, let’s see the video footage.’ Well, the camera is never to be found. The tape disappeared. It never was found.”

But these days, Fabio said he pokes fun at his past.

“You can’t take life seriously,” said Fabio. “You’ll be a miserable bastard if you take your life seriously. Let’s have some fun. Let’s laugh. I feel sorry sometimes for all these comedians. Now they have to be so politically correct. I mean life, it sometimes can be very harsh. Sometimes it can be beautiful. But you know, life is truth. Don’t get so sensitive.”

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