Fight Breaks Out at Church During Pastor's Sermon Day After Christmas

Christmas is about peace on earth, but not necessarily peace in Church, because 2 dudes showed a pastor mid-sermon their hands were up to date.

It went down at the Olivet Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee Sunday, when suddenly one guy comes up to another sitting in the front row and starts swinging. The guy who was sitting instantly fully engages, and the 2 go off-screen as they continue punching each other.

Bishop Kevin Adams tries in vain to stop the fight, saying, “Stop it, Marcus. Marcus, come on.”  It’s unclear how long the fight went on, because someone pulled the plug on the Church’s live stream.

The Bishop said afterward the man in the white t-shirt had just gotten out of rehab and beelined it for the youth pastor, who was sitting in the front row. The Bishop insinuates the man in the t may have relapsed, because he says the guy didn’t know where he was.

The Bishop says they were able to calm the man down, and he broke down in tears. The Bishop says the man said he’s going back to rehab, and the church is fully supporting him.

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