GMBs Charlotte Hawkins admits shes lucky after Covid blood clot scare in health update

Charlotte Hawkins gives health update following covid

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Charlotte Hawkins, 46, has admitted that she feels very “lucky” after her own Covid blood clot scare. The Good Morning Britain presenter revealed on the show in October that she was checked for a “suspected blood clot” during her recovery from Covid.

I’m just grateful.

Charlotte Hawkins

Charlotte has been in her co-star Kate Garraway’s corner since March 2020 when her husband Derek Draper was hospitalised with Covid.

The presenter spoke to OK! about how much she admires her colleague for balancing her life through such a hard time while also discussing her own health issues since contracting the virus.

The newsreader admitted she feels very “lucky” after her suspected blood clot did not come to anything serious.

She continued: “As many people know, I work with Kate Garraway, and as I’ve seen everything she’s been going through with her husband, Derek, I know how horrific the consequences of Covid can be.

“I’m just grateful that it was mild for me.

“After I spoke out about my symptoms, there were so many people in the same boat as me, who are trying to get through the exhaustion and the brain fog.”

Charlotte spoke about her own symptoms after taking 10 days away from the show in early October to recover from Covid.

On her return she explained that she felt very exhausted and discussed a health scare that left her fearing she had a blood clot.

She said: “I mean I was obviously really grateful that I had just mild symptoms.

“I had extreme tiredness at the time and cold-like symptoms. Coming back to work on Monday, I felt okay and then just absolute exhaustion hit me and that’s kind of how I’ve felt all week this week and that sort of really wobbly feeling, the brain fog.”

However, the day before her return to work Charlotte noticed something different about her leg she wanted to get checked out.

Charlotte continued: “Yesterday I had a situation with my leg that went completely numb and I had a pain, I rang the doctors and I had to go and get it checked for a suspected blood clot.”

Thankfully there was no blood clot and since her return to the ITV news show the presenter has been on a very clear road to recovery.

Taking to Twitter on October 8, Charlotte said in view of her 244,100 followers: “Talking long covid on @gmb, despite luckily only having mild symptoms I’ve been left with exhaustion, brain fog & leg numbness/pain that had to be checked for suspected blood clot (fortunately wasn’t).

“Sending love to all those battling the effects & after-effects of this virus.”

Fans and friends alike were quick to share their stories and to send the presenter well wishes.

Carol Vorderman said: “Whoah Charlotte… sending love and cwtches x.” (sic)

PcBarryCalder added: “Thank you so much for taking about it this morning Charlotte.

“I wish you well and hope your recovery is good.”

Mammaglamma1 commented: “Thank you for raising awareness. Been struggling for months with it.”

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