Gossip with Celebitchy podcast #146: How is this Kates lifes work?

Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00
We’ll be off next week and will probably be back February 18th. I’ve been watching The Bear. Chandra and I both watched The Menu and I liked it more than she did. Chandra saw Everything Everywhere All at Once on Showtime and she liked the acting but not the premise. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 22:30
It looks like there’s a leaking war between Charles and William. It started with a story that Charles was going to ask the Archbishop of Canterbury to talk to Harry on his behalf. Then we heard that William doesn’t trust the Archbishop and thinks he’s too close to the Sussexes. After that the Daily Mail ran an op-ed saying that Charles needs to exclude Harry from the Coronation. At no time did they state that Charles has called Harry directly despite Harry saying that’s what he wants.

There was a report in Vanity Fair that Charles hasn’t officially given Lilibet and Archie their Prince and Princess titles yet and that “The feeling is that the titles need to be earned.” We’ve been hearing this for months and Charles needs to make up his mind. It sounds like they’re telling on themselves again because Harry has more dirt on them. Chandra’s tweet about this went viral.

We mentioned in our last episode that the Waleses brought a camera crew to a foodbank with them last week. They were criticized for that and for showing up empty handed. People were still talking about that throughout the weekend.

Kate hyped her new Early Years campaign for weeks and we thought this might be different, but we were wrong. It’s called “Shaping Us” and they launched it with a weird monochromatic claymation video. Kate also released a little video about her project that was incredibly basic. We wonder how this is Kate’s life’s work, that the early years are important. She had the five question survey in 2020 and Big Change Starts Small in 2021. Here’s a link to the video for Big Change Starts Small that seems like an SNL parody. This seems to be about shaming low income and single parent families and does not include raising funds or bringing awareness to existing programs for children, which are struggling for resources and shutting down.

Omid Scobie had a thoughtful column about this and he pointed out that Kate has been saying she’s learning about this for over 10 years. Scobie argued that Kate is limited by her role and can’t get involved with politics, but we think she could come up with so many ways to actually help.

Kate went to an indoor vendor’s market in Leeds to premiere her Shaping Us billboard and ask the vendors what their childhoods were like without actually buying anything. Here’s a link to the tweet Chandra mentioned comparing the logos and billboards for Archetypes and Shaping Us.

Comments of the Week: Minutes 22:30 to end
My comments of the week are from SarahFrancisco and Sarah on Hecate’s post about the 45-year-old entrepreneur who has hired a team of doctors and spent $2 million on anti-aging treatments.

Chandra’s comment of the week is from JT on the post with Kate’s basic video. They pointed out how similar the type face and branding is between Shaping Us and Archetypes.

Here’s a link to the coat that Kate wore before Christmas copying one of Meghan’s coats.

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Thanks for listening bitches!

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The photos of Kate in the sequin dress, purple dress and polka dot shirt are from 2020 and 2021. Photos credit: WENN, Avalon.red and via Instagram

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