Granger Smith Unveils Tattoo Memorializing Deceased Son

Country crooner Granger Smith was spotted with fresh ink on his right forearm during his set at the LakeShake Festival on Sunday.

Fans caught a glimpse of the name “River” tattooed on the singer’s arm in large, cursive handwriting is in honor of his late son, who passed away earlier this month.

3-year-old River, who passed away by drowning in the family pool in Alabama on June 6 was also memorialized by the singer in his song, “Heaven Bound Balloons,” a snippet of which was captured and widely shared by sympathetic fans.

Smith’s wife Amber recently took to Instagram to share the now 4-member family’s feelings in this difficult time, as they have joined Smith on the remaining dates of his Midwestern tour.

“I see his name everywhere, I see little red-headed toddlers everywhere. I miss his silly personality and his bright light. I see his face in our other kiddos,” Ashley wrote in an Instagram post.

She added, “I have this pit in my stomach constantly, because I’m trying to make life as normal as possible for our other 2 incredible kiddos, London and Lincoln, while hurting so bad inside.”

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