Ice-T Explains Why He Wont Publicly Comment on Kanye West Amid His Scandals

In other news related with Ye, the 45-year-old ‘Donda’ artist and his model girlfriend Juliana Nalu are spotted hanging out together before being trolled over their big boots.

AceShowbizIce-T will seemingly never talk about Kanye West in public. In a new interview, the rap icon was asked about the “Gold Digger” spitter who was embroiled in “White Lives Matter” and anti-Semitic controversies.

“I don’t really have any opinion, and I don’t want to be somebody trying to slander somebody,” Ice-T shared in an interview with AllHipHop. “That’s not fly. Right now, people want just come out and say s**t.”

The husband of Coco Austin went on saying that he prefers to keep his personal opinion to himself. “I mean, whatever my view, I like to keep that in private. It’s not gangster to come out and talk about somebody like that,” he explained.

Ice-T, however, pointed out that Ye might be an example of having the power of free speech but needing to “watch what you say.” He elaborated, “So, when you say something, you have to be prepared for the ramifications of what you say, and apparently he is.”

“So, if this is how you feel, I always told people controversy. Don’t say nothing that you don’t mean. If you don’t mean it then you’re not going to be ready to back that s**t up when they ask you about it. So, don’t just say something radical just to get the likes,” he continued. “When they push you in the corner, if they say, ‘Well, Ice-T, why you call them a b***h?’ I’m going to say because she was a b***h and I’m going to tell you why. I’m not talking about your mother. I’m not talking about your sister. I mean not talking about you. I’m talking about this b***h right here. You’re a girl, you got a friend who’s a b***h, you got a friend a ho too.”

He also added that he hoped Ye would say that they “just move different” if the latter was asked about him. “I’m not going to come out and that’s corny because that creates beef and now, you’re talking about and who needs that man?” he shared. “So, that brother’s going to say what he wants to say and do what he wants to do and let the chips fall where they met.”

In other news related to Ye, the “Donda” artist and his girlfriend Juliana Nalu were spotted hanging out together over the weekend. In a picture that circulated online, the lovebirds were seen donning casual outfits while wearing big boots that prompted Internet users to troll them.

“He got her wearing the boots y’all,” one person joked. Someone else wrote in an Instagram comment, “Those boots must be in the ‘Dating Kanye’ contract.” Similarly, one other asked, “Is it a requirement to wear those (boots emoji) once you start dating him?”

Of the model, one user thought she looked like Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian, with whom he shares four children together. “He just collecting all the Kim lookalikes,” the person said. However, someone else argued that the Brazilian beauty is “better than all his previous girls including Kim.”

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