Im A Celebs Naughty Boy wouldnt have been paid if he quit ITV show

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! contestant Naughty Boy would not have received his payment for participating on the show if he quit, it has been claimed.

Richard Madeley revealed this information on his return to Good Morning Britain Monday morning, after having to exit the ITV reality competition last week when he fell ill and broke the Covid bubble by visiting a hospital.

The 65-year-old voiced his opinion on the music producer’s attitude, after the star first mentioned wanting to leave while in the Clink in Tuesday’s episode, along with Arlene Phillips.

“I did hopefully keep my sense of perspective and I could see that it was four in the morning and they were freaking out and what I was trying to say to them was, none of us make our best decisions at four in the morning,” Richard said of falling ill, before revealing his concern for his former fellow contestant.

“If Naughty Boy had walked, well you I mean you talk about contracts, he wouldn’t have been paid and that’s a big deal and I think he would have regretted it.

“I think he would have looked back and thought, ah that was a hasty decision. So, all I was trying to do was to say, 1., this isn’t as bad as you think this is and 2. just go to bed.”

His revelation comes after Naughty Boy continued threatening to quit I’m A Celeb, last declaring he would leave in Friday’s episode.

"I want to make tonight a special night, as I will be leaving in the morning. I just think my time here is done,” he said, before adding in the Bush Telegraph: "I’m still planning to leave tomorrow. I feel like my journey here in the camp has come to an end."

The next morning however, the 36-year-old changed his mind and stayed after winning 11 stars and a huge meal for his fellow contestants.

They didn’t remain in camp for long though as Storm Arwen forced the celebrities to leave Gwrych castle and head back to their safe houses, which might not be the best decision for them according to former contestant Richard.

“I think they will find that very difficult, I know I would,” he added on Good Morning Britain.

“I’ve heard that they’ve gone back to the safe houses that we were all kept in for going on for two and half weeks while we were in quarantine.

"Now those are comfortable places, they’re not the castle and I would have thought that’s going to play havoc with their psychology.

"They’ve all got themselves – and I would have got myself – into the mindset that you’re in the castle and you’re dealing with all the privations and suddenly you’re back in a modern bungalow by the beach. It’s going to mess with them."

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