‘Is it wrong?’ Piers Morgans wife Celia admits fantasising over watching him squirm

Piers Morgan: TV return teased by wife Celia Walden

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Celia Walden, 45, took to Instagram today to share a bizarre moment during her Christmas tree shopping trip that made her think of her husband. The writer asked her 51,500 followers if it was “wrong” that she liked to fantasise about trapping her husband Piers Morgan in a net. 

Celia shared a post where she appeared to be out Christmas tree shopping. 

The picture featured two men stuffing a Christmas tree forcefully into a netting funnel. 

Celia added a caption which read: “Is it wrong that I’m fantasising about putting @PiersMorgan into the machine, and watching him squirm in the weird net bagging thing?”

This isn’t the first time Celia has poked fun at her ex-GMB presenter husband, often opting to crack a few jokes at her spouse’s expense on social media. 

In October, the author posted a picture of Piers, 56, attempting to flex his biceps in front of a building with a sign that read “muscle beach”. 

Under the picture, which was taken while the couple were enjoying the sun in Venice Beach, California, Celia wrote: “Not clear whether he’s flexing his muscle… Or looking for it.”

Celia started going out with former newspaper editor Piers in 2006.

They wed in 2010 in Swinbrook, Oxfordshire, around the time Piers was a judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Celia is a successful journalist, novelist and critic in her own right and is also the daughter of former Conservative MP George Walden.

Born in France but raised in Britain, she wrote for the Daily Mail before becoming the last editor of the now defunct Daily Telegraph’s diary section Spy.

Her first novel Harm’s Way was published in 2008 and she has also contributed feature pieces to Glamour magazine, GQ and The Spectator.

Celia previously dated French chef Jean-Christophe Novelli after interviewing him about cars for the Telegraph in 2006.

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The novelist has claimed that she “wears the trousers” in her relationship with husband Piers. 

When she was asked about the subject on Good Morning Britain in May 2018, she responded: “Uhh yes, I think so!”

“I think women are always quietly in charge, I just think it’s best to let the men think that they are.”

Celia also spoke out after her husband’s famous departure from GMB following his controversial claims about Meghan Markle.

She told The Sun: “Being married to Piers is ­basically one very long eye roll, but what people don’t realise about Piers is that he’s usually very quiet at home because he’s exhausted himself on whatever interview he’s been doing.”

“This is the only reason I am sad about him leaving GMB — well, that and the fact I wake up and there he is, staring back at me morning after morning.

“But really, he used to come back and by 9am was absolutely flattened, lying there on the sofa, catatonic, not bothering anyone.

“Unfortunately he’s got all his energy back now. Please, someone, just give him a job!”

In 2011, Piers and Celia welcomed a child together, Elise, who is Piers’ fourth child and only daughter.

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