Ive become very scared Loose Womens Nadia Sawalha talks facing her fears with family

Nadia Sawalha discusses her 'rainbow baby' after miscarriage

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Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalha has told how the coronavirus pandemic put her in a “comfort zone” which led to her becoming “scared” as life gradually started to return to normal earlier this year. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the YouTube star, 57, spoke about the situation as she teamed up with AXA UK as part of their Get Back to the Good Stuff Campaign.

I was scared of everything, I’ve become very scared

Nadia Sawalha

Discussing handling the Covid pandemic, the ITV panellist confessed that she was mainly concerned for her children and parents.

Nadia explained: “The hardest thing was being scared for my elderly parents who lived next door.

“But apart from that, because I’m such a homebody, I was alright with being at home so much.”

The star has previously told how she homeschools her two daughters with husband Mark Adderley.

However, in spite of how close they are as a family, Nadia confessed that lockdown and the pandemic soon took a toll on their relationship as a family.

Nadia explained: “But I think, after a while, we really did take each other a bit for granted.”

In a bid to get back to normal, Nadia and her family embarked on an exciting trip to the Cotswolds with AXA UK, which she says helped get her out of her pandemic-comfort zone.

Speaking about the trip, Nadia said: “That’s what’s so lovely about this trip to the Cotswolds, because my whole thing is about the simple stuff, getting back to the good stuff, where are the sparks of joy in your day?”

The star went on to reveal her coping mechanism which got her through lockdown.

The TV personality explained that she was able to deal with each day by looking for “sparks of joy” in every moment, which she credits with helping her though.

Nadia went on: “That’s what got me through the pandemic, because at the beginning, I was in such a state of – I had such irrational terror that I just wasn’t functioning.

“And then the way I turned it round for myself was like, ‘Okay, stay right here, right now, in this minute, where’s the spark of joy?’

“‘What are the simple things that can get you through the next hour, and the next one,’ and I did that day after day, after day,” she revealed.

The star told how going camping with her husband, children and mother-in-law made a difference.

Nadia said: “It was so lovely because we were all doing something out of our house out of our comfort zone, because we did these challenges we did quad biking, which, right up to the last minute I was trying to get out of, I can tell you.

“I think a lot of people say this coming out of lockdown that we’ve all got a little bit like, ‘Oh, well, first of all, why should it matter? We just get takeaway, why don’t we just watch another Netflix etc’.

“But it is about pushing yourself out a bit and thinking, ‘You know, why don’t we do something a bit different? You know, why don’t you try a bit of, I don’t know- whatever.’

Nadia went on: “I mean, I would never have imagined I would have gone quad biking, I was scared of everything, I’ve become very scared.

“And yet, that challenge for a couple of hours was just the best fun and blew away the cobwebs,” she gushed.

Nadia Sawalha is working with AXA UK for the Get Back to the Good Stuff Campaign.

For more information visit AXA UK’s Get Back to the Good Stuff campaign hub.

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