James Charles Defends Friend Charli D’Amelio, Trisha Paytas Calls for Fans to Cancel Him

James Charles has spoken out to defend his friend Charli D’Amelio for all the backlash she’s receiving for a video that they are both featured in.

The young TikTok star has lost nearly a million followers and is even getting death threats after she made rude comments about the food her family’s chef made for dinner. James was a guest at the family dinner for the first episode of the D’Amelio‘s new YouTube series.

James tweeted, “this charli situation is NOT sitting right with me… 100M followers in one year & y’all expect her to know how to be a perfect role model? death threats because she’s a picky eater & made a joke about a milestone? 30+ year olds dragging someone half their age? feels familiar 😐.”

Fellow influencer and creator Trisha Paytas replied to James‘ tweet and then called for fans to cancel him.

“Imagine always being the victim in every situation,James how do u do it ? How r u so perfect ? I know it’s easy to deflect to me now. But imagine being JAMES CHARLES-More hated than even Trisha Paytas whew, what a feat Clapping hands sign ps stop stealing small creators art,clothing, mu looks etc,” Trisha tweeted.

She added, “Definitely have always said no one deserves to be cancelled. Everyone has room for growth/positive influence. Except James Charles. Please cancel him. He a forever victim with a superiority conflict, has never said sorry his whole life/hangs out with an underage girl regularly.”

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