Jen Harley: Ronnie Magro Banged My Best Friend … But I Still Want to Lift His Restraining Order

It wouldn’t be a complete rotation of planet Earth if the 24-hour period somehow passed without some bonkers new development in the ongoing feud between Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley.

Yes folks, Rahn is back at it — and we regret to inform you that he once again refuses to stahp.

As you’re probably aware, the situation between Magro and his baby mama seems to get uglier by the day.

The current drama began late last month, when Ronnie was tased and arrested after allegedly assaulting Jen at a Los Angeles Airbnb.

Needless to say, the situation has resulted in some major legal headaches for Magro.

Ronnie is facing six years in prison if convicted of all the charges against him.

But it seems he believes the worse outcome is the fact that Harley obtained a restraining order which all but prohibits Ronnie from seeing his 19-month-old daughter, Ariana.

So we guess the latest update on this messy situation contains both good news and bad news for Ron.

The first the bad news — Jen is telling the whole world that Ronnie cheated on her constantly while they were together, including one instance in which he allegedly slept with her best friend.

But the good news is that, despite his infidelity — and ya know, that whole violent assault situation — Jen is looking into having Ron’s restraining order lifter.

“You cheated, you lied, you f–ked up. It’s always been you,” Harley wrote on her Instagram story on Wednesday.

“I don’t want to hear about Ron and all these girls I know believe me there has been sooo many screenshots and pictures,” she added.

“I’m use to it I know he’s hooking up with my friend to get back at me (back at me for not wanting to get back with him),” Harley continued.

“It’s a cycle that never end. I’m exhausted and disgusted by it.”

Now for the good news

“The protective order issued last Friday is good for the pendency of the case,” Rob Wilcox, a spokesman for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office told Us Weekly on Tuesday.

“Once, and if, the defendant is convicted, a more long-lasting one will be issued.”

Sounds like bad news for Big Ronnie.

But bizarrely, it seems Jen has decided that limiting Ron’s ability to see his daughter amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

“I’m not keeping Ariana from Ron I did not ask for a restraining order,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I’m working on getting it dropped so he can see her if he wants too.”

Seems like Jen could work out some sort of situation where Ron would be forced to stay away from her — again, because of that whole violent assault thing — but would still be allowed to see his daughter.

Eh, whatever. At least these two are trying to do right by their daughter.

We just hope they don’t end up getting getting back together “for the kid” again.

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