Jeremy Clarkson hits back as ‘p****d off’ Clarkson’s Farm viewer takes aim at him

Jeremy Clarkson gives insight into 'busy night' on the farm

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Jeremy Clarkson has hit back at a “p****d off” viewer of his Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm, after they took to social media to air their grievances about the programme. Hitting back, the 61-year-old offered a level-headed suggestion to the user, who went out of their way to tell the farmer that the series was “p*****g” them off.

I think there are better things for you to be p****d off about

Jeremy Clarkson

Tagging the Top Gear star, the social media user told the TV personality exactly what they thought of his foray into farming.

They wrote: “@JeremyClarkson watching your farming journey and thoroughly enjoying it, one thing though Jezza, whether it’s on purpose or not SHEEPS is p****g me off.”(sic)

They also added several laughing face emojis.

After spotting the tweet he was tagged in, the star of Clarkson’s Farm told them that they shouldn’t take the show so seriously.

He hit back: “I think there are better things for you to be p****d off about.”

The social media user wrote: “Fair point, hasn’t stopped me watching it.”

Jeremy’s remark comes after he recently revealed that a second series of the favourite Amazon Prime show has been confirmed.

The show follows The Grand Tour star after taking over the running of Diddly Squat Farm in Chipping Norton, however, a lot has changed since the first season.

Farm manager Kaleb Cooper, shepherdess Ellen Helliwell, land agent Charlie Ireland and stone wall builder Gerald Cooper are all expected to return.

In the first instalment, fans saw Clarkson launch his own farm shop, selling quirky merchandise and produce from the farm.

He also bought a herd of sheep in the hope of making more of a profit, but his plan backfired.

Since the first season, Clarkson admitted he has taken a backseat on the sheep venture, after becoming emotionally attached to the animals.

During the second episode, Clarkson made the creative decision to fill up his farm with sheep in order to cut the grass with ease.

Before long the flock of sheep was running riot, with Clarkson struggling to keep them in line.

He became more emotionally attached to his sheep than the star expected, even becoming tearful when he had to take three ewes to the abattoir to be put down.

With 76 sheep currently running around on the farm, Clarkson is now considering selling them on ahead of season two.

Speaking to The Times back in June, Clarkson admitted to having second thoughts on them, despite his emotional attachment to his ever-growing flock.

“Whatever you’re doing, it’s costing you a fortune,” Clarkson explained. “It’s nice having them around and the lambs are great and they make nice noises, but God almighty, they’re a pain in the a**e.

“I might sell them all to that Yorkshire shepherdess woman.”

Clarkson now has two pigs, both called Stephen, after Fry and Hawking.

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