Jeremy Clarkson slams BBC ‘diversity’ over Rule Britannia row: ‘Zero say in what we watch’

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Jeremy Clarkson, 60, condemned the BBC’s current stance on diversity, as he observed that they were not appealing to people in the north or those who voted Brexit with their recent programming.The motor expert advised the broadcaster that if they wanted to truly embrace “diversity” it should start taking into account the viewpoint of all people in the UK.

Diversity is vital

Jeremy Clarkson

He wrote: “A former BBC boss has told an audience of people called Giles that ‘diversity’ is something the TV industry must embrace.

“Roger Mosey, a former head of BBC News, says that too many decisions at the Corporation are still being made by white, London-based liberals.

“Dead right, mate. Diversity is vital.

“Which is why we should hand large chunks of the show-commissioning system over to people who at the moment have zero say in what they watch.

“Yes, that’s people from ethnic minorities.

“But it’s also people who work on building sites, people with northern accents, people who drive white vans, who work in Greggs, want to sing Land Of Hope And Glory at the Proms and yes, even people who voted for Brexit,” he added.

Jeremy’s comments come after the BBC came under fire for dropping “offensive” lyrics from Last Night of The Proms last week.

A series of public figures, including Laurence Fox protested that the BBC should be stripped of its license after its decision to ban the lyrics in Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia during Last Night of The Proms.

Instead, the public broadcaster chose to play the songs without singing the “racist lyrics” which prompted an outcry from furious viewers.

Some Conservative MPs have even accused the BBC of “erasing history” by caving to “woke morons”.

On Talk Radio last week, Laurence said: “The BBC is run by the activists. 

“It’s a navel-gazing, British-hating institution that needs to be massively defunded and have a complete root and branch reform because they are not representative of the country and extremely patronising.”

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The broadcaster had initially considered axing the two anthems after some had criticised the lyrics and its link to slavery.

However, after a series of disagreements, it was decided by bosses that they would be played but not sung.

Jeremy has long been sceptical of the BBC after previously working with the broadcaster for over a decade.

His contract to work on BBC’s Top Gear came to an end in 2015, before he moved to work with Amazon on Grand Tour.

Jeremy explained to GQ magazine that he has no regrets on leaving the channel, as he believes he and his co-presenters “would have jumped the shark by now”.

The TV personality told the publication: “With hindsight, no, because I think we’d have jumped the shark by now… we’d have done something idiotic. 

“And it was becoming very, very difficult – and I think it still is at the BBC – to run a show like ours.”

Jeremy went on to reveal the team wrote elements of the programme “specifically to annoy BBC management”.

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