Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter says dad’s family will be ‘quaking’ over controversial opinion

Jeremy Clarkson has never heard of Adil Ray and Anne Hegerty

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Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter, Emily, 27, made a candid confession today on her Instagram. The journalist was discussing unpopular opinions with her followers in her Stories, before asking them not to hate her.

However, she then admitted she was more concerned about the reaction from her dad’s family to her controversial thoughts.

In view of her 214,000 followers, Emily wrote: “Unpopular opinion from me.

“I don’t like Yorkshire tea (my dad’s northern family will be quaking lol).

“I drink chai instead and I love it.

“Don’t hate me.”

Emily, who is the daughter of The Grand Tour star and his ex-wife Frances Cain, then asked her followers about their unpopular opinions in a question box.

As the responses started coming in, the author shared another video of herself laughing, which led to her having a coughing fit.

She said: “I love the unpopular opinions.

“They come in so quickly and they’re so aggressive.

“Let’s cause some controversy, shall we?”

The star is often outspoken on her social media, and recently used her platform to hit back at critics of her bikini body.

One social media user appeared unimpressed with her appearance, as he took aim at her in the comments section after Emily shared some snaps of herself in a bikini.

The Real Flaquar Jackson wrote: “Normalise not wearing bikinis when you have a stomach.

“Doesn’t look good hun.”

Instead of shying away from her critics, Emily responded to him by sharing a photo of a heavily edited image of herself in swimwear to sarcastically prove her point.

She captioned the post: “Normalise only wearing bikinis if you DON’T HAVE ONE OF YOUR VITAL ORGANS !!

“Also normalise not telling women on the internet what to do with their bodies.”

Emily’s supporters immediately took to the comments section to applaud her actions.

Isabelle Davis said: “YOU SAID IT! Imagine saying that to someone.”

Caitlin McGarry commented: “It’s a piece of clothing?! I cannot fathom how anyone thinks they have the right nor the inclination to tell others what to wear! Reflects more on their character than anything.”

“Don’t rise to it. Ignore and block. Trolls are all over the internet unfortunately. Personally, I think you look great either way though,” Rikky added.

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