Jess Wright says ongoing psoriasis battle has worsened because of mental health ‘battering’

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JessWright has revealed that her battle with psoriasis has worsened over the last six months because her mental health "has taken a battering".

In a candid post shared to her Instagram on Saturday, the TOWIE beauty opened up about her 14 year battle with the skin condition to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

Donning a stylish white lace camisole for a fresh-faced selfie shared from her bathroom, the 35 year old also sported a painful-looking red mark on her hand.

She wrote in the lengthy Instagram caption: "Good morning world & good morning to my persistent ongoing battle with psoriasis.

"Whenever I post anything about my psoriasis, I cannot tell you the amount of messages I receive. It is comforting to know that SO MANY of us have it & I am not alone."

Jess admitted that the past six months had "taken a toll on her".

She went on: "So currently my psoriasis is not budging. I am going to do my absolute upmost to find us some kind of miracle cure guys because I know how much it gets us down!! I promise you I will!!"

The brunette, who said in April that her psoriasis was getting worse after the loss of her uncle Eddie, said she was now relying on "vitamins, a change in diet and increase of self care" to fight psoriasis.

"As it is #mentalhealthawareness week, I wanted to send a message out to anyone suffering & tell you you are not alone," she continued.

Jess added: "My mental health has certainly taken a battering recently but also as I have said before, sometimes it can hit you out of nowhere too when you think you're doing great & have 'no reason to feel down'.

"Well all I'll say is, when your backs against the wall, the only way is forward. It can try and knock you down but it won't knock you out. We've got this."

The reality television personality also asked her fans' assistance on the best way to get rid of the sunspot on her nose because "it won't piss off".

Psoriasis is a condition that causes red and crusty patches of skin.

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