John Cleese: I’m ‘too naughty’ for knighthood

He’ll never be a Sir.

John Cleese revealed that his “controversial” personality will never score him a knighthood and he’s totally fine with that.

“I’m much too naughty and mischevious,” the 79-year-old comedian said on Thursday’s episode of “Lorraine.” “People like me don’t get knighted.”

He continued, “I don’t think comedians should have knighthoods by and large … Comedians are supposed to say things like, ‘children are responsible for most of the misery in the world.’ We’re supposed to say controversial things because that makes us interesting and a totally agreeable comedian that only says nice things isn’t going to be funny.”

Cleese’s “Monty Python” co-star, Michael Palin, was knighted in June, and Cleese understands why.

“Michael’s quite respectable you see,” he said. “You know, he doesn’t do naughty things. He’s not rude about the press like I am.”

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