Johnny Depp Back on the Stand in Amber Heard Trial

Johnny Depp is back on the stand for questioning in the nasty back-and-forth trial between him and his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Heard’s legal team just called Johnny back to answer a series of questions, as we reported, he already testified a few weeks back … but Amber’s accused the actor of additional things — including assault — which he will now get to answer to.

Johnny’s return to the stand may cause the trial to go even longer than expected.

As we’ve reported, the allegations leveled against both sides have been extreme … during her testimony, Heard claimed Johnny had sexually assaulted her with a glass bottle.

Of course, both have very different stories when it comes to the infamous bed poop incident. Depp claims it appeared to have come from a person, and Amber blamed Johnny’s dog — who had an irritated bowel after getting into his weed stash.

Depp’s fans have come out in waves to support the actor through the trial, camping out and lining up outside the Virginia courtroom hours before court starts. Things got so crazy, the local sheriff had to create restrictions on just how early fans could show up.

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