Kehlani Deletes Twitter After Accusing Media of Turning Breast Implant Removal Story Into Clickbait

The ‘Cloud 19’ star is frustrated by the focus of the headlines about their breast implant removal, slamming the media for twisting the interview into clickbait.

AceShowbizKehlani made headlines after opening up on their breast implant removal, but the star was not thrilled with the focus of the stories. The “SweetSexySavage” singer vented their frustrations on Twitter, calling out the press for turning their interview into clickbait frenzy.

“This is why I’m not speaking nor doing interviews anymore,” lamented the singer who preferred gender-neutral pronouns. “It’s not even about the interviews, it’s about the headline aftermath.”

The 26-year-old star reiterated the main reason why they got rid of their fake boobs, “My removal of my implants were because I was diagnosed with Breast Implant Illness that’s been making me very sick for years and no one knew.”

The R&B hitmaker then explained why they took issues with the headlines, “To preface me speaking about this illness with a quote about ‘letting the world bully me into surgery’ sets me up for the wrong conversation. Whatever gets the clicks tho I guess. Bless.”

They also wrote, “I felt comfortable expressing that for the first time ever because people were starting to notice. And the interviewer was really nice & the article was about self love and beauty. I’ve had them removed for a while & haven’t said sh*t.”

Kehlani has since deactivated their Twitter page following their rant.

In a previous chat with Byrdie, the singer recalled getting breast implants about four years ago. “I was very much struggling with what beauty meant to me,” they remembered. “I remember this video of me performing went viral. People were like ‘she’s horribly built.’ So I went and got breast implants.”

After removing the implants, “I really don’t take my natural body for granted anymore,” Kehlani said. “I got things done that went away because my body type was not meant to be changed in the way I thought I could change it.”

“I always felt like I was looking for ‘beauty,’ never that I was sitting in it,” they went on. “I feel the most sexy and beautiful when I’m the most stripped down and comfortable. To me, sexiness is clean hair, good candles, and applying oil after a shower. It’s all about taking care of myself, more so than the sexiest outfit. That’s when I feel good.”

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