Kelly Brook diet of pies and Guinness caused boobs to swell to back aching size

Kelly Brook is famous for her curves – but has revealed she has been fighting to secure a more slender figure after rely too heavily on comfort foods.

The 39-year-old model and actress is well known for showcasing her incredible hourglass figure but says she felt compelled to take actor to reduce her body from a size 16 to a size 12.

And it seems a diet of pies, chips and Guinness was the first thing to go when the buxom model decided to get in shape.

Reflecting on her new approach to dining, Kel revealed she was happy with her figure but realised she needed to take action after her engorged breasts began to create back problems.

“I was the last to realise I’d put on weight,” she told TV Life magazine.

"I wasn’t in denial because I felt all right. But I’d got up to a 14/16 dress size, my boobs were too big and my back was hurting,” she explained.

"I was just eating a lot of rich foods – there was a lot of going to my local pub and having pie and chips and a pint of Guinness,” she said.

Kelly revealed she is a talent in the kitchen and would often whip up shepherd’s pies, roast dinners, and bowls of spaghetti bolognese.

She’s substituted her high fat meals for alternatives packed with “lots of veg” and much smaller portions – but added she doesn’t deny herself anything.

Kel has been using SlimFast to help with her new diet – and has recently been posting sizzling snaps from holiday.

The Heart FM host is sunning herself in Italy and soaking up the Amalfi Coast – with fans remarking at her incredible figure via Instagram in her comments section.

Kelly has recently opened up about turning to surgery to combat ageing – despite fans on Instagram stating she looks like she is "ageing in reverse".

She recently opened up on social media that she had turned to lazer treatment to rid her of a "double chin".

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