Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Bedtime Routine

“The house itself is a cathedral of warm, Belgian minimalism, designed by Axel Vervoordt. Enormous is the coin of the realm here, everything designed on the scale of more,” reads Vogue’s April story on “The Awakening of Kim Kardashian West,” describing what it’s like to walk into the Kardashian West home.

It’s funny or, rather, unnatural almost, to think of two of the most famous people in the world winding down each night to get ready for bed. Does Kim Kardashian scroll through Instagram as soon as her head hits the pillow to provoke drowsiness? Does Kanye West have a cup of chamomile tea?     

“Her bedroom is the size of an airplane hangar. The adjoining bathroom offers a shower big enough for a basketball team and a wall of glass that looks out into a kind of junglescape—you half expect an orca to swim up to the glass. Not surprisingly, the human spa [Kim Kardashian West] sleeps like an angel,” the feature continues. 

How does one get cozy in an airplane hanger? 

“My husband sleeps crazy, sheets all over the place. I sleep perfectly. It’s my favorite thing to do: get in bed,” Kardashian told Vogue. 

How Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wind down before bed

And yet, even Kardashian and West have a reliable bedtime routine they’ve come to find comfort in, just like the rest of us. For the Kardashian Wests, bedtime means a chance to talk business and catch up on true-crime TV. 

In a recent interview with Forbes, West told the publication he looks forward to discussing his business ventures with his wife in the evenings. Though, just before bedtime is also when Kardashian likes to watch police procedurals–the couple does their best to fit both priorities in before dozing off. West calls the tradition “bedtime true-crime story meetings.”

Kardashian also consults West on her business ventures. She told Forbes she sought her husband’s input, especially, on her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile game and her new shapewear line. Apperantly, when Kardashian first showed her husband mockups of the latter, he felt her vision could be improved upon.  

“He sat down and drafted a new logo before personally redesigning the packaging,” reports Forbes. 

She says her husband has taught her to “never compromise and to really take ownership.”

“Before, I was really the opposite,” she said. “I would throw my name on anything. … He pushes people to do their best and pushes people even outside of their comfort zone, which really helps people grow.”

Happy parents

In addition to running hugely successful businesses, Kardashian and West just welcomed their fourth child, Psalm. Now, the family makes six (North, Chicago, Saint, and Psalm).

Family friend Jonathan Cheban recently told Us Weekly that Kardashian’s been in “baby bliss” since the arrival of Psalm.   

“Kim and Kanye are really over-the-moon happy right now,” he said. “I talked to her yesterday and she’s so happy. She’s always in baby bliss, she’s a robot. Those kids are so cute, you can’t not be. They’re the cutest kids in the world.”

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