Kim Kardashian is unbothered about Kanyes new girlfriend Julia Fox

It is January 12th and we’ve had twelve days of drama from Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson and Julia Fox. Julia and Ye got together on New Year’s Eve, and they have been inseparable ever since. They met in Miami, they spent time in New York, and now they’re in LA. Coincidentally, Kim and Pete returned from their Bahaman vacation and they’re in LA/Palm Springs too. Ye is, reportedly, trying to “get under Kim’s skin” with his Julia Fox fauxmance. For her part, Kim does seem annoyed… annoyed that Kanye is stalking her and pursuing her. Meanwhile, Julia Fox is going to become a household gossip name because of this. People have already pointed out that Julia has talked about being a “big fan” of the Kardashians. That… is not really news, because again, her relationship with Kanye is mostly pretend. In any case, Kim is trying to dial down the drama:

Kim Kardashian’s got no beef with Kanye dating actress Julia Fox, and actually believes the fact Julia’s a huge fan of the Kardashian family could be a good sign of things to come in co-parenting with Kanye. Sources close to Kim tell us she’s happy to see Kanye out smiling again, and only wants to see him end up with a good person — something that’s up to Kanye to figure out — and not for Kim to judge.

As you know, Julia has raved about the Kardashian family, calling herself a “Die-Hard” fan of ‘Keeping Up.’ Our sources say, in Kim’s eyes, the fact Julia admires her is a good thing — and if her relationship with Ye continues to grow and Julia comes around the kids — it’ll make co-parenting easier if everyone gets along.

We’re told Kim has fully moved on from her romantic relationship with Kanye … and positive vibes are all she wants for her estranged hubby.

Of course, Kim’s been having plenty of fun of her own with Pete Davidson — most recently they were in the Bahamas with friends, and before that they rendezvous’d in Palm Springs, and enjoyed private dinners in NYC and L.A. Meanwhile, Kanye and Julia have put on quite the display .. hitting up a paparazzi-hot spot in L.A. Monday night when they had dinner at Craig’s with ex-NFL star Antonio Brown.

[From TMZ]

This is pretty smart messaging from Kim, much better than “Kim is really annoyed that Kanye is stalking her.” Ye is trying to annoy her – if Kim shows that she’s unbothered, that takes the wind out of Ye’s sails. If Kim actually befriends Julia or shows warmth towards Julia, Kanye would probably break up with Julia. And Kim knows the next one will probably be a lot worse! Again, everyone involved in this drama knows what they’re doing. No one is being fooled, no one is a naif.

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