Kirstie Allsopp shares message from Prince Harrys book cover

Kirstie Allsopp criticises hospitals over visiting policies

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Kirstie Allsopp, 51, joked that Prince Harry was trying to send Brits a secret message with the cover of his new memoir, Spare. The Location, Location, Location star compared the image to a movie poster which held a striking resemblance.

Taking to Twitter to share her son’s thoughts on the upcoming book, Kirstie penned: “My son has suggested Prince Harry is sending us a secret message!”

The tweet features two pictures – the first being of the poster for the movie The Martian with the tagline “Bring Him Home” as actor Matt Damon poses in an astronaut suit looking into the camera.

The second image was the cover of Prince Harry’s new memoir, in which he could be seen gazing into the camera in a similar lighting to the picture next to it.

One Twitter user replied to Kirstie: “The title of his book already suggests it won’t be a sweet tribute to his family, for someone who says he’s an advocate of mental health he should think about the impact his words will have on his family.”

To which the TV star responded: “God point Mark #SpareUs.” (sic)

SarahGid continued to theorise: “Interesting…’bring him home’ seems to imply that we sent him away??? Many different ways to view this xxxx.”

Kirstie retorted: “I wasn’t being that serious TBH.”

_DirtieBertie commented: “I think he looks like a CGI of a young Henry VIII… …albeit without the royal bloodline, of course.”

Viola_maker argued: “I can only speak for myself but Harry is the only royal I actually respect.”

Kirstie has previously been outspoken on her thoughts about Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle.

She recently addressed the public’s reception to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s return to the UK as they honoured the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Her comments followed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s reunion with the new Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate following Her Majesty’s death.

Members of the Royal Family made an appearance outside Windsor Castle last month, paying their respects to the Queen by viewing flowers left by mourners and meeting members of the public.

Taking to Twitter, Kirstie admitted she has had to refrain from hitting back on social media after some users had sent “spikey” tweets about the Queen and newly-appointed King Charles III.

Praising Her Majesty’s demeanour, the TV presenter tweeted: “When it’s tempting to send a spikey tweet to those being critical or mocking of our Queen, and our new King with, within days of her death I just think ‘what would the Queen do?’ it’s been said again & again that she found positives in everyone, HM set an extraordinary example.”

A social media user reacted to Kirstie’s post and added that critics should be more kind towards Harry and Meghan as they too praised the late Queen.

Twitter user, @DaveJeffs wrote: “I hope her influence will stop people being so hateful towards Meghan and Harry… but I won’t hold my breath.”

Kirstie took the opportunity to respond and suggested the Sussexes “treatment” of the Queen had been a cause of concern for some sections of the British public.

She penned: “I think M&H’s treatment of The Queen is one of the reasons people are not so enamoured of them.”

The Channel 4 presenter did not go into any further detail in regard to which situation she had been referencing in regard to Meghan and Harry.

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